The Wrong Null!


  • You can check whether a Unity.Object (including Component, GameObject, MonoBehaviour, etc.) is null using if (variableName), because it has an implicit bool operator that checks != null.
  • If you’re trying to expose generic-typed properties in the inspector, you should constrain them with where T : Component or similar, or strange things may happen when you check whether they’re assigned.
  • I probably shouldn’t rely on generics so much. It’ll haunt me if I ever need to build for mobile or console.

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Beginner Unity Script Troubleshooting

Between mentoring game jams and working on my own stuff, I’ve ended up with a list of basic Unity scripting pitfalls, many of which don’t cause runtime exceptions or log any errors. I emphasise that most of these areĀ really basic, and anyone who spends a while with the platform will internalise them sooner or later, but if they’re not yet obvious to you, I hope you find the list useful.

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