A New Plan

I’ve been planning to say something for a while now about some life changes that I’ve been slowly working toward. As the list of things likely to go wrong shrinks, and the other things I’d like to say increasingly need references to stuff I haven’t shared yet, it’s about time for an announcement. Continue reading A New Plan

An English-Speaker Abroad

I’m back from Lisbon [edit: that was actually in November, but for some reason I wrote this at the time and left it in drafts]. When I got back from Italy (Naples, Rome, Florence and briefly Venice) I wrote a big post with a degree of care to be on-topic for the design aspect of this blog, but this time I only promise on-topic for the aspect where I ramble about anything that interests me.

Today it’s language. Continue reading An English-Speaker Abroad

The Wrong Null!


  • You can check whether a Unity.Object (including Component, GameObject, MonoBehaviour, etc.) is null using if (variableName), because it has an implicit bool operator that checks != null.
  • If you’re trying to expose generic-typed properties in the inspector, you should constrain them with where T : Component or similar, or strange things may happen when you check whether they’re assigned.
  • I probably shouldn’t rely on generics so much. It’ll haunt me if I ever need to build for mobile or console.

Continue reading The Wrong Null!